Chapter 3. What is expected of a module

Table of Contents

3.1. Overview
3.1.1. Functional independence
3.1.2. Minimizing administration problems
3.1.3. Arguments supplied to the module
3.2. Authentication management
3.2.1. Service function for user authentication
3.2.2. Service function to alter credentials
3.3. Account management
3.3.1. Service function for account management
3.4. Session management
3.4.1. Service function to start session management
3.4.2. Service function to terminate session management
3.5. Authentication token management
3.5.1. Service function to alter authentication token

The module must supply a sub-set of the six functions listed below. Together they define the function of a Linux-PAM module. Module developers are strongly urged to read the comments on security that follow this list.